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Puzzle: find the hidden books of the Bible

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While cleaning out some stuff at home I found the following buried deep in stuff that I must have been given years ago. Good luck!

There are 36 books of the Bible hidden in the following:

(shhhh. don't tell people where they are yet. maybe just say how many you have found)

While motoring in Palestine my friend O. Dusty Baker and I met Chief Moth Mujud, gesticulating wildly. His fez, raiment and features were odd. I never saw so dismal a chief. On market days he pumps alms from everyone, a most common practice. A glance shows that he acts queerly. Excuse me speaking so, but he was showing a crowd how they used to revel at Ionian bouts, when the brew seems bad. A fakir was sitting on a humble horse, whose appearance was quite interesting – he was wearing as comic a hat as they make. He pointed up eternally toward a rudely carved J on a high cliff.

My companions excitedly cried, “See that J, Oh, now I know we are near the ancient Ai. Was this Ai a holy place?” From answer given elsewhere, I’ll say not.

We asked the age of the big stone J. “O eleven centuries at least,” he said. I knew that in such a jam escort was necessary. Besides, our car was stuck in a rut here. So leaving the sedan, I elbowed nearer the fakir. A toothless hag gained access to his side, and paused to rest herself. She asked, “Do you have a treasure?” To which I retorted: “Not I. Moth, you know – tell us. Chief Moth Mojud expressed a desire to show us, however, warning someone may try to steal or annex O Dusty Baker’s goods along the way.

Now I am at the work of tracing the missing cargo of tobacco that belonged to him. That’s my job. To the chief’s expression of sorrow over the tobacco loss I answered, “well, you did warn us.”

My brother might be able to help us. He is a lawyer; however, he is a bit of a tramp, rover, BS from Harvard. His name is Eugene. Sister is working with him as well. They asked, “Well, where is that rover, prodigal at?” I answered that it used to be incorrect to use ‘at’ that way (never use a preposition at the end of the sentence) but everyone does it anyway. By the way, the flu kept Eugene at home this year. It really is too bad, I, a homebody, am the one roaming the Orient looking for treasure, while he - a tramp - at home in bed.

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so, WDIK, were you able to find any of the hidden books over the weekend. curious minds want to know.

If my memory serves me correctly it took me a while to find the last couple, I still remember what the last one was - that is how much it sticks in my mind. someday maybe I will even give you the answers. ha. me?

as Janet said, it really isn't that easy, but that is what I liked about this puzzle!

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so, WDIK, were you able to find any of the hidden books over the weekend. curious minds want to know.

I actually had completed the puzzle before I posted. Otherwise I would have been unable to "move on to something more productive."

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