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Its TV quiz time

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well, its time to embaress yourself and show your age or tv viewing habits by identifying the following shows based on a line from their opening theme song.

Hey, I waited until Friday so I wouldn't 'mess up' anyone's week. ha.

ok, ok. even I knew and watched a bunch of these.

good luck.

#1: "Darlin', I love you but"

#2: "So go ahead, enjoy the view"

#3: "Enjoying each other's joys"

#4: "California is the place you wanna be!"

#5: "If you find some girl to love"

#6: "We've finally got a piece of the pie!"

#7: "Songs that made the Hit Parade"

#8: "And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile"

#9: "And oh what heights we'll hit"

#10: "And those with too ready a trigger"

#11: "They're altogether ooky"

#12: "Lots of curves, you bet!"

#13: "It sure isn't you!"

#14: "She may be pint sized"

#15: "Keep smilin' until then"

#16: "When the country was fallin' apart, Betsy Ross got it all sewed up!"

#17: "Daughter Judy"

#18: "Let's ride with the family down the street"

#19: "A hot dog makes her lose control!"

#20: "Brave, courageous and bold"

#21: "Tossed salads and scrambled eggs"

#22: "The youngest one in curls"

#23: "Tale of a fateful trip"

#24: "Watch out for that tree!"

#25: "Unless of course"

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1. Green Acres


9 Bugs Bunny

11. Adams Family

15. Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (Edit removed) Tom is correct.

21 Frazier

22 Brady Bunch

19 Patty Duke

25 Mr. Ed

23 Gilligans Island

24. George of the Jungle

4 Beverly Hill Billies

17 Jetsons

8 Mary Tyler Moore

7 All iin the Family

10 Bat Masterson.

I just have spent too much time in front of the television.

I also had a little help from some co-workers but not much.

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Here's a few new ones

A "A Soldier of Fortune is a man called..."

B "Today is Tuesday" (OOPS, Not a theme just the Tuesday Song) The theme sample is is "Hey There, Hi There Ho There"

C "Believe it or not its just me"

D " now you see on Camera three" edited to correct lyric slightly.

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I only watched 'C' a few times, but there was I guy I worked with way back when (pre-Pension days).

he had gone out to Universal Studios, and was picked the day he was out there to 'demonstrate' how they made someone 'fly in the air'. nasty tune. once it gets in your head it goes on and on and on.

(By the way, I am hoping there are enough 'pathetic' TVland people for my ASPPA talk in July that remember Get Smart.)

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I don't know what made a bigger impression on me from Get Smart, Agent 99 or the Sunbeam Tiger Maxwell drove.

For me, it's always been the shoe phone.

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Well Tom,

From the comments, it appears that at least a few of us in the community have been devotees of the show. I hope your audience reflects the same.


Any takers on a-d above and the remaining from the original list ???

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Yes! You've jogged my memory! D is from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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