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missing people from the movies

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the Word file has 24 movies to identify. a sample is included above.

no, that is not me sitting at work by the file cabinet.

I'm outstanding. In fact, I'm out standing by the water cooler killing time.


as luck would have it, I have found a web site with some more movie pictures in which the people have been 'zapped'. just the clothes show.

of course I guess you could find that web site too, but what fun is that looking up the answers. you people are suppossed to be the movie expert so go ahead and identify them without all that help.

download the file and I wouldn't read anyone elses responses as I suspect those will be the answers or at least gusses.

out to ruin WDIK's week. Ha, all in good fun.

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Three of the easier ones appear to be

Back to the Future (Page 3, #1),

Hoodwinked (Page 3, #2) and

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Page 3, #8).

(For you lawyers out there, is there any legal basis for filing suit against Tom for contributing to my delinquency?)

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Is it just me, or do these things look really creepy?

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Yes Tom is does give us a break from the pension circus. I for one am glad you put these puzzles up for us to play with, gives me a few minutes to excersize the brain on fun things.

Please don't stop contributing to my delinquency!

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