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Friday's puzzle - The Simpsons

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ok, no missing bodies or anything.

Plus this is the Simpsons and I am going to assume you have watched them too many times to count.

I haven't, and I am not a big movie fan, but I was still able to identify from the pictures most of the movies they were imitating/making fun of/spoofing/whatever.

but heck, its Friday, sit back and have some fun.

21 movies to identify

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#1 - An Officer and a Gentleman

#3 - King Kong

#4 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

#6 - The Ten Commandments

#7 - Cool Hand Luke

#8 - The Shining

#11 - Vertigo

#12 - Frankenstein

#15 - Harry Potter and the ______________

#17 - The Exorcist

#19 - The Karate Kid

#21 - Mary Poppins

...but then again, What Do I Know?

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  • 2 weeks later...
Tom is more nervous about getting ready for the ASPPA talk next week.

But you have successfully completed the Simpsons.

good job to all!

especially are resident genious WDIK for holding off on all the answers! :)

Tom, are you sure you're not going to answer any "what if's" in your presentation? I've been spending hours preparing the most difficult and convoluted case I could, just to try to throw you. It was my hope that you'd simply panic and break out in song. That would be a sight to behold.

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ah, you must have me confused with Larry Deutsch - he is the wizard on on convoluted cases. while interesting, I always wanted to ask "what happens if NHCE 21 quits?"

besides, you don't have to have to have to try and have me panic to break into song - since I am already in that state of mind, the folks who attend will have to put up with a Louis Armstrong number - and if they are foolish enough to stay for the whole thing maybe even and Elvis number at the end.

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Andy - when you figure out what it is, tell me so that at least I will know.

let see, weather prediction for Sunday 108 high.

there is a minor league baseball game at 12:00 (AAA). the team here is (AA), both for the Dodgers.

the company has season tickets next to the dugout, so I actually know a few of the players by sight.

I'm dumb enough to go sweat it out just for that.

lest you worry, I already printed out times and location for church on Sunday. that always comes first! :)

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Bah! I never copyrighted my music, so someone else made a fortune by changing a few words.

here was my 'original' work. sort of sound like some band might have used used, doesn't it?

Yesterday, 65 it seemed so far away

Now its come today, it’s here to stay

Its too late for a 401k

Suddenly, I’ve not half the cash I used to see

Bill collectors shadow me

Oh, retirement came suddenly

My sa-vings are so low, I don’t know just where I’ll stay

I did something wrong, now I wished I saved and put away

401(k)s, deferring’s such an easy game to play

now I need a place to hide away

Oh if only I had a 401k

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm


by the way, about more about 'mojo ono'


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