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6-30 quiz. Movie and TV 'duplicates'

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ok, Identify the Movie/TV show and the character. you TV land and Nick at Nighters should be able to do this one.

well, I was going to do another invisible movie character puzzle, and I have it pasted into an excel sheet so you can type in the movie name and see if you are correct. however, for whatever reason you can't attach excel files at the moment. but the Bakerman is working on it!

besides, looks like there are still a few answers left to go on the other quizez.

1. Big screen: Raul Julia Small screen: John Astin

2. Big screen: Dan Aykroyd Small screen: Jack Webb

3. Big screen: Ben Stiller Small screen: Paul Michael Glaser

4. Big screen: Goldie Hawn Small screen: Lorna Patterson

5. Big screen: Christopher Lloyd Small screen: Ray Walston

6. Big screen: Jim Varney Small screen: Buddy Ebsen

7. Big screen: Claire Danes Small screen: Peggy Lipton

8. Big screen: Walter Matthau Small screen: Joseph Kearns

9. Big screen: Will Smith Small screen: Robert Conrad

10. Big screen: Jennifer Lopez Small screen: Carla Gugino

11. Big screen: Christopher Walken Small screen: Anthony Michael Hall

12. Big screen: Kristy Swanson Small screen: Sarah Michelle Gellar

13. Big screen: Eddie Murphy Small screen: Bill Cosby

14. Big screen: Shelley Long Small screen: Florence Henderson

15. Big screen: Jennifer Grey Small screen: Jennifer Aniston

16. Big screen: Colin Farrell Small screen: Robert Urich

17. Big screen: Elliott Gould Small screen: Wayne Rogers

18. Big screen: Nicole Kidman Small screen: Elizabeth Montgomery

19. Big screen: Janine Turner Small screen: Barbara Billingsley

20. Big screen: Harrison Ford Small screen: David Janssen

21. Big screen: Bill Murray Small screen: David Doyle

22. Big screen: Alicia Silverstone Small screen: Rachel Blanchard

23. Big screen: Walter Matthau Small screen: Jack Klugman

24. Big screen: Heather Graham Small screen: Marta Kristen

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As I prepare to leave for vacation:

1. Addams Family

2. name is missing, but does Sargent Friday ring a bell?

3. Dukes of Hazzard


5. My Favorite Martian

6. The Beverly Hillbillies

7. Mod Squad?


9. Wild Wild West





14. I Spy?

15. Dirty Dancing?


17. M*A*S*H

18. Bewitched


20. The Fugitive



23. The Odd Couple


Hey I beat 50%! And the others I don't even recognize most of the names.

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