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36 more movies to identify

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sorry, I didn't have time to set up a 'type in your guess' and see if it is correct.

here are 36 movies to 'ruin' your weekend, trying to figure out.

these are the last scenes - so no missing bodies or anything like that.

as usual, I never even heard of many of them, and I think there is a cartoon or 2 or 3 and so old black and whites.

good luck

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WDIK- all correct, but how in the world did you get Harvey?

One of my favorite movies, but I can't even tell what that last shot is showing.

Many years ago (many, many) - we were watching a Ted Turner colorized version of some movie I don't recall, and I made the comment that he was going to colorize Harvey - all except for the rabbit.

it took a couple of minutes and one person looked at me and said something like "Now wait a minute...."

that was worth the laugh.

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since it is 4:15 (my work limit)

the missing answers

3. Big Fish

6. the Hotel New Hampshire

7. Thirteen

9. Secret Window

14. the Perfect Score

16. Whatever happened to baby Jane

19. Brazil

20. A Life less Ordinary

21. Hero

22. Madeline

33. apocalypse Now

36. Monty Python and the meaning of Life.

hopefully I can get time to create a new puzzle for WDIK by Friday.

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