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A new client (under 5 participants) with a PSP has not filed 5500's for the last few years.

We have completed all back 5500's and are going to submit to DoL's DFVC program.

Should we hold off on filing the 2005 5500 until we submit the plan to the DoL or should we file the 2005 return and the deliquent returns at the same time.

Any guidance would be helpful.

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I do need a nap, so I may be way off base here, but I don't see that it matters either way or even if you filed under DFVC after the 2005 return was filed as long as no correspondence from the DOL has been received.

That being said, due to my own personal paranoia, I would probably wait to file the 2005 return until after the DFVC submission had been made.

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