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movie quiz: explosions

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possible hints (I am not a movie watcher, so I have to look up the titles for an explanations. I am sure it will give the answers away

#6 - based on the title, this is either on the water or under the water.

#12 - it involved people getting involved with a trucker and a CB radio

#16 Robert Redford

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I did a google search and found the following comment on the movie

I saw XXXXXXXXXX for $2.50 on the big screen (cheaper than renting it on video), and on that day I was desiring nothing more than a dumb action flick that would entertain me for about 100 minutes. That's what I got, so I was satisfied.

Still, under different circumstances (higher admission price, wanting something more out of a movie on the day of seeing it, etc.) I probably wouldn't have liked it. The characters were really thin - you hardly learned a thing about them, and they were pretty much interchangable. The dialogue was weak and cliched. The sharks - supposedly intelligent - didn't get much of a chance to show their supposed intelligence. The sets were okay, but still had a look to them that suggested that extra money could have polished them up. The characters commit some really stupid actions along the way.

Wait until you are in the right frame of mind, and it's free or at a low price. Chances are then you'll be acceptably entertained.

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