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Now, just in time for your Christmas party!

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this is a repeat of last year's puzzle, but now there are 21 new pictures to identify. (last year had 80, and #80 has changed)

in all fairness (who me?) I have included the answers on sheet 3 of the excel sheet for the first 79. those didn't change from last year (or at least as quick an eyeball I gave them.

a list of 180 Christmas songs from which to make your selection.

100 'pictures' to identify.

ho ho ho.

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well, my guesses on the songs are as follows

80 My favorite ornament is broken

81 christmas carol

82 birthday of the king

83 old fang nine auld lang syne

84 ding dong merrily on high (King Kong is the rhyme) I had no clue but the one guy in the office suggested

85 hard candy christmas? (candy canes are in the picture????)

86 here comes suzy snowflake

87 over the river and through the woods

88 youre a mean one

89 visit from saint nicholas??????

90 christmas in caribbean

91 santa needs a vacation (looks like he is on vacation already)

92 carol of the birds

93 from the eastern mountains

94 man with all the toys??????

95 maker of the sun and moon

96 while shepherds watched

97 decorate the cristmas night

98 born on earth divinest child (or any of the other titles that mentions a bay)

99 caroling with elves

100 all my heart this night

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