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Guest Patrick Foley

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Guest Patrick Foley

I'd like to know how other church plan practitioners handle the Notice to Interested Parties required in connection with an IRS determination letter filing. The material on comments by the Department of Labor is misleading unless the plan has elected ERISA coverage, but it's in the form the IRS includes in its annual determination letter Rev. Proc. I put the DOL comment section in with a boldfaced sentence that reads "Note: This plan is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor under Title I or IV of ERISA."

I would appreciate insight into what others do.


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In Revenue Procedure 2007-6, section 18:

Notice that an application for an advance determination regarding the qualification of a plan that is described in §§ 401, 403(a), 409 and 4975(e)(7) and that is subject to § 410 is to be made must be given to all interested parties...


Content of notice

.03 The notice referred to in section 18.01 shall contain the following information:

(1) A brief description identifying the class or classes of interested parties to whom the notice is addressed (e.g., all present employees of the employer, all present employees eligible to participate);

(2) The name of the plan, the plan identification number, and the name of the plan administrator;

(3) The name and taxpayer identification number of the applicant for a determination;

(4) That an application for a determination as to the qualified status of the plan is to be made to the Service at the address in section 6.17, and stating whether the application relates to an initial qualification, a plan amendment, termination, or a partial termination;

(5) A description of the class of employees eligible to participate under the plan;

(6) Whether or not the Service has issued a previous determination as to the qualified status of the plan;

(7) A statement that any person to whom the notice is addressed is entitled to submit, or request the Department of Labor to submit, to EP Determinations, a comment on the question of whether the plan meets the requirements of § 401 or 403(a); that two or more such persons may join in a single comment or request; and that if such persons request the Department of Labor to submit a comment and the Department of Labor declines to do so with respect to one or more matters raised in the request, the persons may still submit a comment to EP Determinations with respect to the matters on which the Department declines to comment. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) may also submit comments. In every instance where there is either a final adverse termination or a distress termination, the Service formally notifies the PBGC for comments;

(8) The specific dates by which a comment to EP Determinations or a request to the Department of Labor must be received in order to preserve the right of comment (see section 17 above);

(9) The number of interested parties needed in order for the Department of Labor to comment; and

(10) Except to the extent that the additional informational material required to be made available by sections 18.05 through 18.09 are included in the notice, a description of a reasonable procedure whereby such additional informational material will be available to interested parties (see section 18.04). (Examples of notices setting forth the above information, in a case in which the additional information required by sections 18.05 through 18.09 will be made available at places accessible to the interested parties, are set forth in the Exhibit attached to this revenue procedure.)

This is what the Notice says, not that it helps much, I think your caveat sentence is a good idea.

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