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Active At Work Provision in Voluntary Group Life Programs

Guest AZ-Ins-Agent

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Guest AZ-Ins-Agent

(Second attempt to post) I am researching if it is customary for ALL insurance companies writing voluntary group life policies to include an "Actively At Work" provision. A TPA recently changed insurance companies for a Voluntary Group Life policy and provided an open enrollment period. During the open enrollment period an employee who was on medical leave for a terminal illiness increased the limits of his coverage during the open enrollment period. He died before he returned to work and met the "Actively At Work" requirement. His estate is now suing the TPA and argues that the TPA should have selected an insurance company that did not have this provision. I am trying to determine if there is ANY insurance company that provides voluntary group life coverage that does NOT have this provision. If there is one... I have not been able to find it. Thank you - Jim

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