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Health and Welfare Benefit Plans

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Client has welfare benefit plans. Employer pays premiums (no cafeteria arrangement).

Each welfare benefit plan has over 100 participants.

I am looking for a "Wrap Document" in order to cover these welfare benefit plans and file only 1 Form 5500.

I can only find a cafeteria plan document, which refers to pre-tax arrangements.

Our current document provider offers retirement plan and cafeteria plan documents only.

Rather than editing a cafeteria plan document to eliminate and/or insert certain language, I was hoping someone could refer me to a document provider that offers a "Wrap Document" or perhaps is aware of a model that I could use.

Appreciate any help and guidance. Thank You

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I would suggest that you subscribe to a tax service that would have an example of an ERISA PD and SPD in the "Sample Documents" tab in the back of their manual. But let me assure you that if you follow this advice, you will gain a much better understanding of what you are getting into and will probably end up farming this out to a professional.

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