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Qualified HSA distributions

Guest Nini

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Anyone have any experience in these?

We have a client who want to amend the plan to permit.

From what I have read, the amount that is eligible to be transferred is the lesser of the balance in the account on 9/21/2006 or the balance in the account as of the date of transfer.

My experience has been that most employees have blown through their account by the middle of September, so I am guessing that not many would have dollars to transfer, or just a minimal amount.

For plans that contain this provision, is this a benefit that is utilized by many participants?


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Maybe I am a little thick today, but I do not understand your question. Could you please provide more detail? The posting title indicates HSA distributions. But then you discuss "transfers" in two later sentences, which appears to be a feature of the HSA, but I have never heard of this. Sorry.

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