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HSA/FSA Questions

Guest MissChele

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Guest MissChele

Here are two questions I have had in the last few days about FSAs and HSAs. We do FSAs (including limited) but I'm pretty much clueless on HSAs...

1)"My wife just got a new job with excellent benefits that will begin on

December first. If we decide to go with her health benefits and

discontinue my health coverage how would that work since I am on the new

insurance this year? If you could let me know so we can decide which

route to go I would appreciate it." (He now has a HDHP with an HSA)

I would say that he can change because of the change in status.

2)I'm going to be opening a HSA in January. My husband will have a Flex 125. We both have single policies with our employers. He has PPO and I will have a HDHP.

Is this okay for me to have an HSA and him have 125? I know that he can't get reimbursement from my HSA and I can't get reimbursements from his 125.

I would say no to this. She would still be eligible to participate on the flex - even if she spit shakes and pinky swears not to.

Am I going in the right direction on these??


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Question #1 is confusing to me. If he has an HSA and wants to go to another non-HSA plan, he will freeze his HSA account. Is this the answer you were looking for? I don't understand your comment about it being ok because of a change in Status. Are you talking about the FSA plan?

Question #2 is also a little confusing. You can have a HSA and a Section 125 plan. Are you asking about a specific piece of the 125 plan, say the unreimbursed medical? FSA's can be a limited purpose or post deductible only.

Hope this answers your questions.

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