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For all you insurance historians and Beatles fans

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To the tune of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

It was 20 years ago today

When Congress had to have a say

That they really don't like single pay

So they want to make it go away

They voted on TAMRA back then, so we're celebrating it today

It's seven-seven-zero-two-cap-A

It's seven-seven-zero-two-cap-A

Where MEC rules are all codified


Who knew endowments could be modified?

Seven-seven-zero, Seven-seven-zero


Watch out when taking income

The tax rules have been bent

Withdrawals can be taxable and loans plus ten percent

So when know all the facts

You can't avoid the excise tax

Unless you hold the policy

Death benefits are tax-free

Pay attention to the seven pay and don't change it in any way

It's seven-seven-zero-two-cap-A

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Its like pension knowledge

I'm easily blown away by the competetion. :)

What is really sad, I am working on adding Jamaica Farewell to my "CD" Pension Songs in American History which will give me the following

1 Old MacDonald (had a plan)

2 Sittin' in a four-oh-one - kay Otis Redding

3 Hello D-B Louis Armstrong

4 What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

5 What a Wonderful World Sam Cooke

6 Cats in the Cradle Harry Chapin

7 A D-B Dbeatles

8 Yesterday Dbeatles

9 Return to Sender Elvis

10 Wise Men Know Elvis

11 Are You a Poor One Tonight Elvis

12 Jamaica Farewell Various Artists

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I've got a few other things I've written I may post from time to time. I just couldn't let the 20th anniversary of MEC rules go without some sort of celebration, and the song wrote itself. Anybody who thinks that makes sense has been in this industry way too long and needs to get a life as much as I do!

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