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Suggestions for stand alone anti-spam software?

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This week I had to help someone manually review and delete 15,000 spam emails that had accumulated over roughly 10 months.


1) it would be easier to setup a new email address for this person.

2) it would be likely that the person would do the same things that started the spam and would end up in the same situation, so #1 isn't really a perfect solution.

3) I'd like something that I can control from my PC to ensure that the spam filtering isn't turned off.

What I'd like:

I'd like something that can run remotely from my PC (presumably via POP3 access). I used one program about 4 years ago that would check the server, flag and delete known spam. Then when I'd run Outlook, I wouldn't even see the spam had been there. I'd like to be able to later review what was deleted and possibly restore any "false positives".

I've done web searches and have found a few programs already. But I was hoping someone else might be using one and have a specific recommendation or two.

PS - should add that this is for a home user account, not for a server. Although... if there's a particularly good server solution that's not too expensive, we could bounce the mail thru my brother's website, so let me know.

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