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ok all you so called college football experts

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simply identify all the football helments. off the top of your head of course, since you could easily do a search and find the answers. (please, no posting of answers, don't spoil it for other people) though if you want to 'brag' about how many you got correct - or how poorly you did! there is a running count in the upper right corner. even someone who doesn't follow the sport that much like me managed more than half.

Ok, before opening the file you might want to take a quick look at a list all the division I college team names - maybe that will help. I guess maybe that wouldn't really be cheating.

of course I expect Mike Preston to get a perfect score - even if it is an actuary adjusted score.

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I scored 43, but I think there were a couple that I was right, but it scored me wrong, I'll have to check.

4-5 I didn't recognize. I'll have to brush up.

SEC media days started today here in Hoover...quite a group of coaches in the SEC now. There are 5 coaches in the SEC that have won a national title.

Only a little more that 30 days to kickoff!

Roll Tide!

William C. Presson, ERPA, APA, QPA, QKA, APR
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