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I am desperately looking for a needle in a haystack.

In March 2006 IRS announced a relief initiative whereby it would be allowing employers who had not amended their SIMPLEs to conform to EGTRRA to do so by the end of 2006. Further, the IRS said that it would be sending letters to employers who it had identified as having SIMPLEs through a W-2 match to remind them to amend their SIMPLEs. The IRS published the sample letters on its website: Letter 4083 and Letter 4084. Unfortunately, neither sample letter is currently available on the IRS website (at least that I could find). If you have copies of these letters and can make them available to me, I would be most grateful.

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Employee Plans News March 06

See above link to the special Edition of EP News. Edit to state the link in the newsletter doesn't work. There is information in the letter regarding the program.

I'll keep looking.

Further update.

Apparently the IRS has removed the letters from their web-site. You may want to contact them if you need a copy. Maybe someone else has a copy.


Making the complex understandable.

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