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Happy pi Day (tomorrow)

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The roundest knight at King Arthur's table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

LOL Andy. Do you know that there is actually a children's book with "Sir Cumference" in the title? I can't remember the whole title, but it's a play on words of the Knights of the Round Table and is all math stories. My kids own it. Well, my little 8 y.o. math nerd owns it.


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This is an absolute true story: About 15 years ago, I found myself out of checks. I went to my bank, took a deposit slip, and asked the bank clerk du jour to print me out five checks. She did not ask for I.D. I took the five checks to the bank v.p. du jour and complained that anyone could have walked in here with my deposit slip and gotten the checks. He assured me the bank never would have cashed them, that they would have matched up the signatures. I surmised that this was pure bovine excrement and so paid various bills using the five checks with the following legible signatures: Peter Rabit, Adolph Hitler, Bill Clinton, Hillary Cllinton, and the bank v.p.'s name. Of course, all checks cleared. And so, I took the checks back to the bank and confronted the bank v.p. He looked at the checks, turned red, and then offered, "You know what you did was illegal." I retorted and pointed to his phone, "Call a cop, and then when you're done, close my account."

I wouldn't be surprised if you check cleared!

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Guest Eric.

I think I owe you one; the more I thought about this check this morning, the more I smirked and chuckled. Particularly over the memo line, too. heh, heh.

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