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I am in this process of submitting our EGTRRA restatements for a favorable determination letter, as a newly designated ERPA i can now sign the 2848. What I want to do is add a CAF# to the 2848. What I intend to do is send in a EGTRRA submission for one of my clients and enter "none" on the 2848 next to the CAF#, and I will then receive a number in the mail.

My question is:

Is there any easier way to apply for a CAF number?

If not can I take the 2848 that I sending out with my first EGTRRA submission, fax it in to the CAF fax number that I found on the IRS website and then send it again with the EGTRRA submission. Maybe this would speed up the process.....(sorry for the stupid question but everytime I call the IRS I can't get an answer).

I want to have the CAF # as soon as possible so I can enter them on all of our 2848 that we send in with our EGTRRA submissions.

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I submitted a plan and typed in "None" next to the caf number on the 2848, but i was recently told that I would not receive one because I am submitting for a determination letter and not a tax filing.

I went to the IRS website and did some research, it does state that CAF numbers will not be recorded on for determination letters.

Oh well all that waiting for nothing ....I guess I will be submitting my requests without a CAF #. Just thought it would be something I would need <_<

Line 4. Specific Uses Not Recorded on CAF

Generally, the IRS records powers of attorney on the CAF system. However, a power of attorney will not be recorded on the CAF if it does not relate to a specific tax period (except for civil penalties) or if it is for a specific issue. Examples of specific issues include but are not limited to the following:

Requests for a private letter ruling or technical advice,

Applications for an EIN,

Claims filed on Form 843, Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement,

Corporate dissolutions,

Requests to change accounting methods or periods,

Applications for recognition of exemption under sections 501©(3), 501(a), or 521 (Forms 1023, 1024, or 1028),

Request for a determination of the qualified status of an employee benefit plan (Forms 5300, 5307, or 5310), and

Voluntary submissions under the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS).

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