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EEO-1 Report

Guest rbk08

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Hi there -

We are completing the EEO-1 report for the first time this year.

We were told that it is recommended that you answer the question of ethnicity and race based on self-identification. However, if you are not allowed to ask these questions on any employment application or other form, how do you get the answer to this question? I'm afraid of making people uncomfortable or for starting a Big Brother type scare by putting out a voluntary survey.

Is this info on any HR or governmental form or document that I missed?

Many thanks.

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We use an in-house form that we update whenever the EEO-1 ethnicity and race questions change. We list the affirmative action definitions and ask people to check the boxes.

The form is titled "Voluntary Self-Identification" and has paragraphs pointing out that the federal government asks us for the statistical information (not by individual), that providing information is completely voluntary, and that one's employment status is not affected by providing or not providing the information.

The same form also asks for disability/accommodation and military status information (all voluntary).

Most people fill it out. For those that do not, we guess as needed. If people won't tell you something, you can't stop them.

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Guest ericdeko
Sorry, we don't generally publish our forms, but

a world of samples awaits if you google "voluntary self identification"

Are the forms searched in google close to what your forms look like?

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Forms you find online are similar to what we generated.

The questions on our form are based on the EEO-1, Vets, ADA, etc. information we are asked to provide (similar to most or all of what you find online). The form lists the definitions. And it emphasizes the completely voluntary nature of providing or not providing the info.

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