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1099-R/1096/945 forms


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Anyone else frustrated with the fact that the 1096 and 945 forms on Relius Gov. forms have still not been released?

We send everything out to our clients and while I can put off the 1096 and 1099-R Copy A filing forms alittle bit, the 945 is due to be filed by Jan. 31st.

Not to mention the fact that I don't want to have to send our clients 2 different mailings on this stuff; one is complicated enough for some.

We're thinking of looking for a new 1099-R forms vendor.


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Yeah Bird, we were able to get all of ours out. I had to do some overriding on the 945s in the software because we didn't have service pack 4 yet but all of our clients pay the taxes in as they go (i.e. $0 balance due with the form) and many are under the $2500 threshold for the monthly breakdowns.

I have been thinking about next year and what we may do as far as changing vendors.

I don't need more stress in busy season; trying to get those forms out timely to the client with such a late delay in the release of the forms.

I'm done venting for now :)

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We've gotten ours completed for everything that has to be done by February 1. We'll finish the 945's next week and the electronic filing (due in March) later.

While it was a frustrating situation, I do appreciate the increased notifications on the status and the continuing work to get things resolved.

William C. Presson, ERPA, APA, QPA, QKA, APR
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Bill - Not sure what you mean by "the increased notifications on the status and continuing work to get things resolved" ??

I had to submit an incident on January 14th in order to find out the status of the release containing the 1096 and 945 forms. We received nothing prior that there was a delay of any kind. I then received a response that a Friday (01/15) release was anticipated but testing was not complete and it would more likely be into the following week. I checked online on that Monday to see the release date listed as 01/19 (Monday was a Holiday). I believe the forms were finally posted on 01/21.

Sorry - just had to vent again here as I found this whole situation very trying this year.....


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