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Best Doctors Announces Physician Selection Service That Matches Members with Expert Specialists

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Guest tsmithPAN

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Best Doctors Announces Physician Selection Service That Matches Members with Expert Specialists

Service Provides Access to the Right Resources to Improve Medical Outcomes and Lower Healthcare Costs

Boston, MA – September 29, 2010 – Best Doctors, Inc., the trusted expert medical resource that helps members take control of their healthcare, today announced the process behind its physician selection service, “FindBestDocTM”. The service matches members to a physician specialist who has the specific expertise needed for their medical condition, ensuring the most accurate assessment and treatment options.

Better than physician referral services offered through most health plans, Best Doctors FindBestDoc team delivers personalized guidance, addressing each individual’s unique needs. Members are matched to the expert specialist or sub-specialist best suited for their medical condition the first time, and are also properly prepared for their doctor visit. The service takes advantage of Best Doctors’ highly specialized registry of physicians that tracks areas of special interest, published research and other data that qualifies each doctor as an undisputed expert in a particular area.

“Best Doctors truly led me in the right direction to address my healthcare needs and eased my mind about my medical situation,” said Tom Galluze, Best Doctors member through Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium. “Matched with the right specialist who closely reviewed my medical history, I got the right cardiac surgeon for my situation and avoided unnecessary and painful procedures. Best Doctors is truly an invaluable resource that helps people get the right medical care.”

Targeted Physician Selection for Better Care and Outcomes

By getting members better, faster access to the physician with the right expertise, the FindBestDoc physician selection service results in better decisions and diagnoses while reducing healthcare costs associated with unnecessary appointments. The Best Doctors register of 46,000 U.S. expert physicians is the core of the Best Doctors physician selection service and is the result of 20 years of polling and research. It entails the largest, continuous, peer-to-peer survey of the medical profession ever conducted, and represents the top 5% of physician specialists and sub-specialists recognized as the highest caliber doctors in the nation. The comprehensive nature of the Best Doctors physician register allows the FindBestDoc team to match members with the right expert doctor in their geographic area and within their health plan network.

“At Best Doctors, our goal is to help our members take control of their own healthcare. We differentiate ourselves in that we do not rely on a limited network of specialists or a set ’panel‘ of doctors,” said David Seligman, CEO of Best Doctors. “Instead, we tap our carefully vetted physician register to zero-in on the most specialized expert for our member. This is invaluable to members and employers as it prevents misdiagnoses, improves patient outcomes and drives down healthcare costs.”

To learn more about the FindBestDoc service, please visit http://www.bestdoctors.com/us/What-We-Do/F...indBestDoc.aspx.

About Best Doctors

Best Doctors, Inc. is the trusted medical resource that helps members take control of their healthcare. By connecting members and their treating physicians with world renowned experts, Best Doctors has a dramatic impact on the quality and cost of healthcare. Founded in 1989 by two Harvard Medical School professors, Best Doctors serves insurers, employers and health plans worldwide, touching 20 million lives in 40 countries. For more information, visit www.bestdoctors.com or call 800-223-5003.


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