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Guest RS Vatalaro

LLC guaranteed payments - 401k deferrals from

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Guest RS Vatalaro   
Guest RS Vatalaro

I am increasingly running into this situation and wondered if anyone has any thoughts or can point to a good research resource.

Assume the LLC is taxed as a partnership. Effectively, the compensation for each partner for plan purposes would be K-1 adjusted by 1/2 SE (self employment) tax (I think?). What happens when there are guaranteed payments? Guaranteed payments are cash distributions each partner will receive annually under partnership agreement, and commensurately these payments reduce reported K-1 income (this is my understanding mechanically).

In this situation is the partner's plan compensation his guaranteed payment received plus his K-1 adjusted by 1/2 his SE tax? I do know both the guaranteed payment and the K-1 are subject to SE tax. This would make sense to me but I'd be more comfortable w/ some verification. Thanks for any help.

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