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Tho Rolling Stones

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This isn't humor, but I wanted to avoid wasting people's time on a regular topic forum. I know many of you here are, like me, elderly enough to remember the Rolling Stones. I just heard a rendition of "Sympathy for the Devil" done, get this, in full country and western mode. This included a woman "singing" (and I use that term VERY charitably) through her left nostril, full twang, Southern accent, scooping and sliding to hit the notes, "fiddlin" and all the rest of the horrific style that represents the worst of hard-core country music.

It was so bad that it beggars description. Wrong on so many levels! Since I didn't hear the intro and it was played n a college radio station, I was wondering if it was merely professional satire, like Weird Al or something from Saturday Night Live. Anyone else had the misfortune of hearing this?

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A few years ago, I took my aunt to see the "Stones" in concert - for her birthday (as we realized we wouldn't have too many more opportunities to do so). She's the same age as Mick. It wasn't his face she was admiring - but rather the "other end" which she claimed was "awesome" for a man of any age.....

I was embarrassed when she climbed on her chair to get a better view....

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