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Don't Understand It

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As a nonsequitor aside, the name of the actor who portrayed Tonto, while billed as Jay Silverheels, was actually Harold J. Smith -- and you can look it up!

Well, since I don't do ADP testing anymore I had time to look this up. Sure enough, Jay Silverheels birth name was Harold J. Smith. You're a real fan if you remember (not look up) the name of Tonto's horse.

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Scout I think I remember.

Good try. However, Scout was the offspring of the stallion Mendel and mare Hadassah. Scout's given name was Menachin. Surprisingly, the name didn't play well except in the shtetl so producers changed named to Scout (derived from Menachin having once horsed around on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts). And you can look this up provided you can find somewhere to look it up.

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