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Copy of 5500

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You should have a hard copy any way. So you can get a copy from the DOL website, or Freeerisa.com.

You can search for any 5500 at this link. You are most likely to find yours quickly if you use EIN.

All 5500s are now public with this website. Print a copy for yourself every year is my advise after you file.


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ESOP Guy - My question was not directed to you. Your reply gives very useful information. In fact, I would strongly recommend having a paper copy of 5500's on file, even if everything is filed electronically, but that's just me.

My concern is more general, where people disregard the need to be able to retrieve electronically filed documents. Short term it can usually be done. Over the years, however, with the continuous "improvements" in software, retrieval becomes a bigger issue, and one that cannot be ignored.

Just Me - Providing a printed copy of your electronically filed 5500 will satisfy the requirements in all cases. Providing an electronic file that the participant is fully able to display and print on her/his own also works.

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Guest IluvNewComp

From the instructions for the SF:

Even though the Form 5500-SF must be filed electronically, the plan administrator must keep a copy of the Form 5500-SF, including schedules and attachments, with all required signatures on file as part of the plan's records...Filers may use electronic media for record maintenance and retention, so long as they meet the applicable requirements.
(emphases mine)

So, in one form or another, you must have a signed copy for your records, and, thus, be able to copy it for participants' requests.

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