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Rev Ruling 2011-1 (Combining a 401a and 457b)


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I work in the governmental 457b and 401a area.

Advisors I have worked with are always concerned about the inability to get equal pricing when a governmental agency has a 401a money purchase and a 457b deferral plan. The recent Rev Ruling 2011-1 will allow for the comingling of the plans into 1 trust (Contract).

I have worked with the following vendors and I know they cannot handle. There are work arounds but still the pricing is basically seperate and the 457b is always the drag on the much larger 401a. This is a huge fiduciary concern for the advisors I work with.

Does anyone know or can suggest a vendor that can handle these plans under one contract?

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Guest JGPension


Yes, my firm can handled this in the manner you describe and allay many of the fiduciary concerns. We've done exactly that for a group of municipalities in California, but the concept of aggregation can be applied anywhere. My firm is based in the midwest, but I am personally based in NJ. How do we get in touch?

- JGPension

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