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What's Wrong With This Picture?

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Glad it went well! What are the chances? About as good as you being able to charge the same amount that the 45 minute surgery cost...

My wife has had kidney stones blasted (ultrasound). 3 hours from the time you walk into the hospital to when you walk out. Non-invasive "procedure." Procedure itself lasts a half an hour or so, and the other 2+ hours is lying around until you are lucid enough to leave. $15,000. Of course, if you suffer from the stones, this seems like a small price.

Really, if you aren't fortunate enough to have good health insurance, "medical bankruptcy" is a frightenly real possibility these days.

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My spouse underwent bowl obstruction surgery today (all went fine). The surgical procedure took 45 minutes. What are the chances of completing a DB 5500 (large plan) in 45 minutes, including filling out the form, the CYA, and navigating the DOL website?

As soon as the anesthesia wears off, I think she will be fine completing the 5500.

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