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Actuary Joke

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Sam Cooke, in his song "What a Wonderful World" explained that to me a few years ago.

(If so desired, the 'mid' file is attached, but you have to rename it from xls to mid and then you can sing along)

Don’t know much about this DB

There’s a funding de-fi-cien-cy

And I know that they are on the hook

I-R-S wants to take a look

And I do know that the dollars are few

And the contribution’s overdue

What a terrible plan this DB

Don’t know much about ac-tu-ar-ies

No sense of humor, no per-so-nal-i-ties

Let us cut it quickly to the core

Everyone knows they are a bore

They will tell you one and one is three

Or whatever you want it to be

What a strange world this ac-tu-ar-y

Now I know, I’m not an “A” student [“A” for actuary of course!]

I’m not trying to be

For maybe by being an ac-tu-ar-y

No one would understand me?

Don’t know much about P-B-G-C

Supposedly it’s a guar-an-tee

Then the rules changed under P-P-A

Even more confusion to this day

So let’s eliminate them two by two

For if actuaries were a few

What a wonderful world it would be.

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don't know what the vendors will do without (g)Reed picking up the last of the giveaway items (nor for that matter how the rest of his office could handle it if he doesn't go and return with the goods).

I ended up speaking at the NIPA conference this year so I earned my credits for the yaer

I'd agree, the chance to sit and swap a few ideas and share some info is always missed. still have the links here.

funny, the one year a new song or two hasn't popped into my head and I don't have to speak at ASPPA. But it has given me time to throw all the songs into one powerpoint. I'll make the people suffer at our Christmas party. gotten out of hand. 14 songs, almost 45 minutes.

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