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min distribution report

Tom Poje

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this report is intended to pull the info for min distribution due by 12/31/2011 (or 4/1/2012)

under report writer you would run the report from 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2010

and select All Plans.

I ran it first thing in the morning before anyone else was on the system, took around 1/2 hour to pull the data from every plan. (A single report for each plan that has a possible min distrib)

It doesn't do DB, though it will pull cash balance, but I doubt the amounts it pulls would be correct. That is a side effect.

I have a few new takeovers, since its the first year on the system (2011) I ran the report on those plans from 1/1/2011 - 1/1/2011 just to pull the begin bal (which of course = the 12/31/2010) and that worked fine as well.

as with any report it's a use at own risk, though I did compare the results to what Relius would pull. this report doesn't pull people with 0 balance like Relius, etc. but otherwise it did pull the same people, so it appears to be working.

this report is actually a modifed version of the crystal report for 70 1/2, but it pulls more than the balance, it calculates the min distrib, so its sort of a combo between the crystal report and rthe standard report.

what I don't like about the min distrib report from Relius (the standard report from Processing/Plan Maintence) is

it will not necessaerily pull correct balances and I'm too lazy to go through each and every plan to run the following (per their instructions):

The Set Trade Date Fields process (Processing/Balance Update/Set Trade Date Fields) is one way to update the beginning balance trade date fields in the Acctbal table. This process can only be run on a plan basis. It cannot be run for a single employee, or for more than one plan/plan year at a time. To figure out which plan year you would need to run this process for, to get correct balances for a particular plan/distribution year, see other FAQs under "70½..." topic.

This report is hardcoded to take 12/31/2011 - DOB, so it is designed for 2011 only

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