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census report

Tom Poje

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been awhile since I posted this report.

this version of the census report should provide a variety of 'warnings'

1. years from term date to report year end. (added this due to the number of takeovers we've done and forget to enter break in svc years. this should only print if ee has been gone at least 4 years to find people who should possibly forfeit)

2. ee has prior year term date but current comp /hours. must be a rehire that was imported

3. message if ee is age 69 or older (for possible min distribution)

4. Date of birth warning (rare, but I've seen bad centuries from time to time from an import)

5. NRD check - just in case someone's birthdate has changed for whatever reason. e.g. if it was 1970 and it was corrected to 1980, the system won't change the retirement date unless specifically told to recalc during eligibiility)

6. comp is 0 but the person is still active. guess they didn't tell you the person quit in the prior year.

7. inactive or ineligible, but no reason is given

8. inactive but no status date.

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there is a formula (NRD) to check to see if NRD is different than what plan specs indicates it should be. (e.g. date of birth was changed after eligibility was run. the system will never make a NRD later than what it was unless you tell it recalc during eligibility)

modified the formula to:

if {RPTEE.EEPLANSTATCD} = "I" then " " else

if {PLANDYN.MINAGENRYRS} >{PLANEE.NRAGE} then "Check retirement date"

that way ineligibles don't print a message to check the retirement date. (I removed the color as well)

if you downloaded the report you would have to do the same if you don't want the message to appear on ineligibles.

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