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It's Pi day

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Gad, I thought I only wrote bad pension parodies of popular songs.

but someone lese did even, well, I leave that up to you.

Hey, have a slice of Gooseberry Pie (my favorite)!

Ludolph The Mathematician

(to the tune of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer)

We know Einstein and Euclid and Sir Isaac Newton

Lifelong devotions there ain’t no disputin’

But do you recall…

The most tireless one of them all?

Ludolph the Mathematician

Had a special thing for Pi

He made it his life’s mission

To help the number specify

All of his fellow teachers

Never understood his plan

To unlock the number’s magic

By calculating it by hand!

Then in 1599,

Ludolph set his goal...

I’ll find digit 35

With geometry as my guide!

Then how the math world loved him

All his hard work helped them see

Ludolph the Mathematician

You’ll go down in history!

(Learn more about Ludolph van Ceulen here.)

Oh, Number Pi

(to the tune of O, Christmas Tree)

1. Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

You're truly transcendental.

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

You're physical and mental.

You stretch the bounds...of all we know,

And tell our circles where to go

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

Your digits are so gentle.

2. Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

Why can't I learn you faster?

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

You're really hard to master.

Just when I think...I've got you down

I flip a 6 and 5 around

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

Numerical disaster!

3. Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

Why are you so specific?

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

Your digit growth's terrific.

Ten years ago, you had a Mill

And now you're at a couple Trill

Oh, number Pi, Oh, number Pi

You stretch to the Pacific!

Pi Day Time

(to the tune of Silver Bells, starting at "City sidewalks…")

Random digits,

Endless digits

Transcendental in style,

In the air there's a feeling of Pi Day.

Children laughing,

People graphing,

Worry-free for a while,

And in every math classroom you'll hear…

Three one four…

One five nine…

It's Pi Day Time at (our school!).

Three one four…

One five nine…

Savor those numbers, today!

Ring The Bells

(to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Basking in the glow

Of a Math Class holiday.

All we need to know

Is "Pi will lead the way!"

To circles we will sing,

The digits we'll recite

The ratio gives us everything

It's geometry's delight! Oh!

Ring the bells, Pi Day spells

Fun with 3 - 1 - 4!

It's the day to celebrate

That number we adore! Oh!

Ring the bells, Pi Day spells

Fun with 3 - 1 - 4!

First we take one slice of Pi

And then we ask for more!

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Ah, ha! Depends on where you are, geographically, that is.

Being here in the heart of the heartland, my edit hit the target 1:59, but it probably says 2:59 at Tom's place.

Good thing that time is just a construct (yes, a useful one), or I'd be really confused. :huh:

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in excel RND() will generate a random number between 0 and 1.

so you generate 2 numbers.

you square each of them and add together.

keep track of how many times this value is less than 1.

Multiply by 4 and divide by the number of attempts and the value should approximate pi.

(If you think of a number line

random #1 = x axis

random # 2 = y axis.

so by the pythagorean theorom, squaring these 2 numbers will give you the length of the third side.

Since you are using a number line, positive values only, you have a quarter of a square. the square of your random points

if less than 1 fall with a quarter circle.

attached file demonstartes this.

because of size constraints what can be attached here the sheet only generates about 8000 possibilities, though you can extend that.

plus you can only attach an xls file.

gonna have to talk to Dave about saving xlsx files

pi random number.xls

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