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Enrollment Number

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Ok this is a stupid question but i can't seem to get a hold of anyone at the number that's on the 8554-EP form. I am trying to renew since now since my ss# ends in 7-8-9. I'm doing it on pay.gov but when you fill out the 8554 online it gives giving me a message that says to double check my enrollment number. i am using the one that is on the enrollment card that i received. 0000** (4 zeros and your number) however when i look on the irs website under the list of approved ERPAs it's 6 zeros 000000**. Which one is correct, it gives me the same message for whichever one i put in so i think i am just paranoid and can use either one :blink:

Just want to know what everyone else is using.


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You know there is an approved ERPA list of names online (by State and by Last Name). Can you (at least) locate your name on this list?

Not sure if you must include the "-EP" after the number.

Please advise if you figure it out. You can't be the only one having this issue.

Good Luck!


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