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ssa report and ft william

Tom Poje

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I've posted this one before, but maybe someone missed it and might find this useful. (of course, as with any custom report, it's use at your own risk, though a few people indicated it appears to work well)

This pulls the data from Relius for importing into FTWilliam SSA govt forms. Has saved me a ton of time.

I copy the data from columns A - J and paste it into FT William

8955SampleSSA.csv file. (which I have copied and saved on my computer)

on this excel file, the tem data appears (collumn L) which is my own check. if term date is 2010 I'd expect an A as code for people.

if before 2010 then a D.

In FT William, I complete the following steps:

Add form SSA

then p2



participant CSV file (this is the third choice)

and simply choose the 8955SampleSSA.csv for import that I pasted the data into

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