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I have a defined benefit plan on Relius. The Plan year changed from 1/1 to 7/1. Does anyone know how I can create a new Plan Year that uses the 7/1 date rather than the 1/1 date? There are over 350 participants and I do not want to re-enter the employee information.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

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if you have already imported/loaded the census data and need to change plan year end, you could

utilities/change system ids/ identifier type = plan year end

but I can't tell exactly from your question if that is what you are doing. it implies you have already run a short plan year, which should mean you should have changed the dates already????

(I myself would make a duplicate of the plan before doing anything just to be safe)

I don't work with DB plans.

If you haven't created the new plan yet, then when creating a new plan year just enter the proper dates. Might have to change the dates under the employer screen as well.

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