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PTIN CE Requirements

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My reading of the PTIN rules is that a RTRP needs a PTIN to prepare and file Forms 945 and 5330 for clients and the PTIN rules carry a 15 hour CE requirement before the end of 2012. ERPAs hours can overlap, but does an ERPA need the 10 hours of "other federal tax law credits"? Does anyone have any suggestions for CE programs that would fall into this category and have any relevance to the Retirement Plan industry? Am I missing something?

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These are two different requirements for ERPAs and RTRPs. If you plan on taking the RTRP test and being certified as an RTRP, you need 15 hours of continuing education annually, including 2 hours of ethics, three hours of federal tax law updates, and ten hours of other federal tax law.

If you are certified as an ERPA, you need 16 hours of continuing education credit, including 2 hours of ethics or professional conduct annually.

The list of IRS CPE providers lists who offers ERPA CPE and who offer RTRP CE. There are over 50 companies which offer ERPA CPE. The list is at https://ssl.kinsail.com/partners/irs/publicListing.asp

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Received some updated info. Based on Notice 2011-6, my understanding is now that if you only require a PTIN for purposes of preparing Forms 945 and 5330, there is relief from the exam and CE requirements. This is separate from CE requirements for ERPA designation.

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