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Lest we miss it


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Next MONTH there will be an 11/12/13?????????

Cute, which is different from Like.

It'll be another 10/11/12; not something different (I know you knew that). As in 10 Nov. 12. I know you knew that, too, but we want to avoid confusing someone who happened to stumble onto the Miscellany board by accident ... don't we? ;)

And look, Mr. Poje brought us one of his more popular jokes to get this day off to a smiling start.

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As in 10 Nov. 12.

"metric" calendar system used mostly by people who play the wrong kind of football.

and by the military (in reference to the day after the next 10/11/12) :)

and did you mean to say the original kind of football :D

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