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Coding match formula in Relius Admin.


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sorry, I don't think there is a way to code that formula. - in addition to a % based on years you also have a different cap for each grouap, and I don't think that is available.

(unless something like plan specs coded 25% for 2 yrs svc, limit match to $400. run the transaction

the plan specs coded 0% for 2 yrs svc, 50% next 3 yr svc, limit match to $800 run the transaction for match.

then run 0% for 2 yrs, 0% for next 3 years and whatever. for the next x yrs. you still can't get around only having 3 groups, and it would take running three separate transactions.

Are you to calculate the match, or is the payroll calculating and you are verifying things.

you could of course calculate outside of Relius and then import into census.

you will also have to perform a benefits rights features test.

(if you are any good at Crystal, I have a report that checks BRF based on years of svc -it is plan specific based on the years of svc in the document but that could be modified. and another report that does an end of year check yo see if people received what they should have - again, would have to be modified for whatever formula is being used,

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Thanks for the information Tom. The client allocates the match on a payroll basis and we verify their calculation at year-end. It looks like we will have to do this in excel.

Thanks for reminding me about the BRF test. We do have a gentleman in our office who knows crystal report. I would love to look at your BRF test based on YOS.

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