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DOL audits of health & welfare plans

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Rumors are that DOL is auditing H&W plans for compliance with a myriad of issues (including early health care reform items already effective) and I would be very interested in seeing the lsit of documents they're requesting be produced for the audit.

If anyone has a copy of the audit letter/document list they wouldn't mind sharing (with client data redacted) I would very much appreciate a copy being posted on this site or emailed to me at jmpeterson@kaufcan.com


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The DOL is most certainly stepping up its audit activities of health and welfare plans. I am working on one for a client right now. The DOL seems to be mainly concerned with complying with PPACA, but also with MHPAEA, HIPAA, and COBRA. The document request is generally ambiguously broad (as is usual with the DOL) but the DOL generally is looking for documents from 2010 going forward.

I can't provide the letter my client received but below is a link to one posted on Jackson Lewis's website. It is generally the same (but not exactly) as the one my client received.


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