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divisions and employee numbers


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I have a large plan that is split into 5 divisions. My question is pretty basic...when I put employee numbers into Relius can I have employees under different divisions that have the same employee number? I was thinking that Relius is SSN driven for the participants so I should be ok.

There are a number of them though so before I did all the imports and data entry I wanted to check with others.

FYI - what usually happens to me - I answered my own question just after I posted:

I was entering a rehire & tried to put her employee number in. That number was already used by someone in another division & the system said "NO - eenumber already in use"

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I didn't think emplyee number mattered.

I have, for instance, pulled census data, sort the info by compensation and term date, then imported 'delete' as employee number for anyone with 0 comp and terminated in a prior year.

Then under delete employee, sort by employee number.

This group all employees coded 'delete' together, I highlight the group and hold down the enter key, and everyone is deleted (unless of course they have any account balance)

works like a charm for cleaning up a large plan rapidly. I am extremely lazy.

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Many times you can import duplicate information into Relius that cannot be manually entered.

For example, I have had employees leave one client and join another in our database. I could not manually enter the person into the new employer, but got an error message. I had to first go back and change the SSN of the original entry to a placeholder number, then enter the person into the new employer.

However, if the person was simply imported from a payroll file, then Relius let the duplicate through without any problem.

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