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Memory Depletion

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My senior memory has begun to wane. As such, I continually look for ways to protect myself from myself. In this regard, I recently changed my passwords to "incorrect." That way when I enter the wrong password, a system message appears, "Your password is incorrect."

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But you can retrieve your password by requesting them.

Not always. Sometimes they make you reset your password. They send an e-mail with a link and a temporary password, and you have to go to the link and type the odd-ball collection of characters that you can't remember as the temporary password, and then you have to change that password to one you want, except it generally cannot be the one you used to have (which you can't remember anyway), and it cannot contain more than 2 letters in a row that are the same as three or more letters in a row in your old password, and you are away from your desk and do not have your little book where you list your passwords for reference, as in the case where you forgot your password and need to retrieve or reset it, so you have no record of the new password you just created in the event that you forget it, too. But yes, sometimes you can retrieve it with a request.

AtA's solution is way more better.

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