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Anyone taking CPC test in November?


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I just received my results today and I also PASSED! That was a very long eleven weeks exactly of waiting to find out the results.

Now I'll get to add a few more letters after my name that nobody I work with understands :D

Way to go!


Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

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Thanks guys!

Congrats to you as well BG5150! So what's next after the CPC?

Teach others so that they might obtain their designations. Truthfully, you learn more teaching than you ever did by studying for the test. When you have to explain it, you get a sense of how well you grasp the concepts.

I took a former subordinate from 'no designation' through the QKA, QPA, and TGPC; more rewarding that any test I ever passed :)

Congrats again!


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