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Ethics CE requirement

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I obtained ERPA during May of 2013. My prorated required CE requirements for this cycle (2011-2013) are 16 credits. I understand I must have 2 credits related to Ethics every year.

Does 2 Ethics credits included in the required 16, or do I need to do 16 and then 2 additional so the total of 18?

Thank you,


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Hi Miyeon,

The Ethics credits are included in the overall requirement. Here is an excerpt from the irs.gov ERPA CE Q&A:

"3. I enrolled in year 3 of an enrollment cycle in the month of November and my social security number ends with a five (5). How many CPE credits must I complete?

You are required to complete four (4) CE credits for November and December of the 3rd year; of which two (2) must be completed in Ethics courses. Your next renewal cycle 2011-2014 you will be required to complete a minimum of 72-hours of continuing education credits which encompasses three (3) calendar years. (Note: a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education credits, of which 2 credits must be on ethics, must be completed during each enrollment year of an enrollment cycle.)"



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