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Kinetic Kids

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c'mon Dave. this would only be true if each kid was the same size and shape, otherwise once you start the process...

reminds me of the write up on the folks making a movie on Galileo dropping 2 different size balls off the Leaning Tower to prove the speed of gravity was constant vs 'heavier object fall faster'. no matter how often they tried it, the balls did not hit the ground at the same time. they contacted someone else who was able to achieve this asking how it was accomplished. The response was, we had to fake to it.
Due to the different sizes of the balls it turns out friction caused enough of a difference.

In Dava Sobel's book Galileo's Daughter she recounts that the balls did not land at the same time:
The larger ball, being less susceptible to the effects of what Galileo recognized as air resistance, fell faster, to the great relief of the Pisan philosophy department. The fact that it fell only fractionally faster gave Galileo scant advantage. "Aristotle says that a hundred pound ball falling from a height of a hundred braccia [arm lengths] hits the ground before a one pound ball has fallen one braccio. I say that they arrive at the same time," Galileo resummarised the dispute in its aftermath. "You find, on making the test, that the larger ball beats the smaller one by two inches. Now, behind those two inches you want to hide Aristotle's ninety-nine braccia and, speaking only of my tiny error, remain silent about his enormous mistake."
—Dava Sobel , Galileo's Daughter[6]

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The swings are not in contact with each other, so Mr. Science is soon gonna have to explain why the swing set looks like my bracket picks after they played all those basketball games ... although, to my amazement, I still have my final 2 in the running (usually I'm done by now). :D

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