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Getting "computer glasses"

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A few years ago, I went to the optician and had him make prescription glasses for me that have their focal point at 18 inches, which is the distance between my eyes and my computer monitor.

It is SO much better than tilting my head up and down trying to get my regular prescription glasses ("progressives") to work properly, or taking off the progressives and working without any glasses (which I did for quite a while).

I can't imagine working any other way now. I put the "computer glasses" into my computer laptop bag whenever I take the computer with me. They even make decent reading glasses in a pinch.

Admittedly, everything's fuzzy if I walk away from my desk and forget to put on my progressives, but I can tell quickly when such a swap is needed.

They weren't too expensive, because I didn't get the anti-glare coating, the automatic darkening, etc. -- maybe the anti-glare would have been worth it, though. Still, I don't see any glare when looking at the high-def flat-screen monitor.

Give it a try!

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