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Rolling IRA into 403(b) Account

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403(b) allows rollovers. The participant is over the age of 701/2 and still employed, so she is not taking RMDs from the 403(b) Plan. However, she does take RMDs from her IRA.

Is there any restriction preventing the participant from transferring the IRA to the 403(b). Going forward (2016) the participant would not be required to take any RMD from the Plan as long as she is employed. Thereby eliminating the IRA RMD.


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There is a PLR that allowed a rollover from an IRA to a qual plan to eliminate MRDS after the year of the rollover.

Logic is simple. IRA MRD is required for any year based on FMV of IRA as of dec 31 of prior yr. If IRA account balance as of Dec 31, 2015 is 0 the MRD for 2016 is 0. Participant over 70 1/2 who is actively employed is not required to take MRD from 403b if plan permits deferral of MRDs.

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