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They go by a calendar year, correct? My renewal is next year and I have enough credits for my 3 year cycle, but if the new cycle technically starts on 1/1/16, then I will sign up for the APC that SunGard is going to have here in Orlando in February.

I last renewed in 2013 and am drawing a blank on this....



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My ERPA card shows it’s a calendar year renewal but I’ve always been told it is from 7/1-6/30. A chart was given out a few years ago showing the 6/30 year end. The ERPA rep on the phone I spoke to a few years ago was very adamant it runs from 7/1-6/30; said she didn’t know why the IRS is not putting it in the Circular 230. If anyone has this in writing somewhere, it would be helpful.

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My renewal says the Annual CE Cycle is January through December.

I think the confusion is that the application stuff is due June 30...and the issue date is 10/1...at least on mine. So here is the info from my latest renewal; make of it what you will:

applied online 4/1 (something tells me April 1 is the earliest you can apply to renew)

my renewal letter was dated 5/20/15, and the card itself says the issue date is 10/1/15 with an expiration date of 9/30/15.

Ed Snyder

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