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ERPA Study Materials

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Will your company not pay for the study materials? Does your company not have access to reference materials you can borrow?

Is this your second ERPA exam? (You do know there are 2 exams, right?) If so, what did you use to study the first time.

There is an awful lot of material to cover, so I don't think you will find a comprehensive source to use for free. At least not specificially for the ERPA tests.

[lastly, I always caution people to not post their e-mail addresses on public forums like these for fear of spam.]


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BG5150, thank you.

This will be my first time to sit for the ERPA exam. I'm planning to sit for both parts of the Exam in January.

Well my company has ERISA Outline Book, which I have been using to get some answer to some of the challenging questions I came across in administering qualified retirement plan.

In addition, I'm using some sample exam from 2010 that someone from my organization have used to pass the ERPA exam couple of years ago.

After reviewing the 2010 sample exam, I felt I have the knowledge to pass the exam.

But I'm not sure if a lot has changed as far as the ERPA exam goes since 2010.


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