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Nearly as long since EGTRRA as it was before TRA '86

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"At least since EGTRRA we don't have to worry about..."

Was just thinking about 401(k) issues at work and cited EGTRRA to myself and suddenly realized the number of years that have passed since that happened.

It's been nearly as long since EGTRRA as it was before that to the big tax reform act of 1986.

I remember the senior tax partner at the accounting firm where I did a tax internship telling how he left the IRS as an auditor when 1986 reform happened because it reset the playing field and there was money to be made in tax consulting.

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I started my TPA firm in 1986 (since merged into Unified Trust) and I remember telling prospects that they should work with me instead of the old guys. My reasoning is that I only had to know the current laws and regulations and it wouldn't get mixed up with all that old stuff.

Now I'm one of the old guys.


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